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Dated: April 29 2022

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If you have heard that the northern end of Asheville is peaceful, beautiful, and historic, you might have found yourself considering where to live in North Asheville. From countryside, to historic neighborhoods, to funky downtown vibes, check out some of the most popular neighborhoods in North Asheville.

North Asheville Neighborhoods:

There are neighborhoods on this list that some Asheville residents may not consider to be North Asheville. For the purposes of our list today, we will be considering everything north of 240 to be North Asheville. As one of the oldest parts of Asheville, North Asheville is more established than many other parts of town that have continued to grow outward from the city. This is one of the most historic parts of town, as well, with older homes and beautiful, mature landscaping.



Montford is located between highway 240 and I 26, and offers the most accessibility to Downtown Asheville of any of the neighborhoods on our list. The main thoroughfare that runs through Montford is Montford Ave, a quiet little two lane street. A drive down Montford Avenue will make one thing very clear to a visitor right away. All the residents must park their cars on the streets (or in driveways) because most of the homes in Montford do not have garages.

Montford is extremely historic, and at the time in which most of these homes were being built, garages (or even a family car for that matter) were not the norm. For people interested in living among the history, this is certainly a worthwhile trade, especially considering the mild winters Asheville experiences. Some parts of Montford are even on the historic registry.

Because this neighborhood is so established, the streets and yards are lined with beautiful mature trees. The residents of Montford take gardens very seriously, and walking around town you can enjoy the beautiful labors of their work. If you want to take a little vacation into the past before you commit to living there, you can find historic homes renovated into charming bed and breakfasts in Montford.

If you try and decide to buy, you are looking at a median sales price of about $550,000. As you can see, this neighborhood isn’t cheap. You won’t be getting much for your dollar either. These will be very small lots, without outside storage, and often the home itself won’t even be very big. But people come to Montford for a particular lifestyle, and they are willing to pay the price. You’ll notice in Montford a shared community vibe that appreciates the arts, music, culture, and supports local small restaurants and coffee shops.

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Five Points:

On the other side of Merrimon Ave from Montford lies the North Asheville neighborhood of Five Points. This part of town experienced a housing boom in the 1920s and 1930s, and many of these historic bungalow style homes still remain. But unlike Montford, there is still new construction here as well, so you see a little bit of everything. Five Points is a very walkable part of town, which is one of the biggest draws to this neighborhood. Nearby to Five Points is the Asheville Botanical Gardens, another draw for the resident who enjoys getting out and about in nature. This ten acre park is a beautiful and tranquil place for residents and visitors to unplug for a while and enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian forest.

Also nearby is the UNCA, the Asheville campus of University of North Carolina. UNCA is the only liberal arts university in the entire UNC system. If you want to live in Five Points, you will be likely looking at home prices in the upper $300,000’s, and much like Montford, this price tag won’t get a lot. You will see small yards, small homes, and once again, very few garages in Five Points. The people who chose to live in this part of town are looking for the walkability and community feeling it offers, not a four car garage and five acres.

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Continuing to the east from Five Points you will next run into Beaverdam. Beaverdam is the quintessential “countryside” of North Asheville. Or, at least as county as it can be within five miles of Downtown Asheville and all of its amenities. Don’t confuse the neighborhood of Beaverdam with the town of the same name to the west of Asheville. Residents of Beaverdam enjoy a little bit more space and fresh air than those in some of the more closely laid out neighborhoods.

You will see every kind of home in Beaverdam, from historic farmhouses to new construction. If you want a bit more land to enjoy having a vegetable garden or animals, but you don’t want to be too far from the action, Beaverdam might be a great fit for you. Beaver Lake is a lovely water feature in Beaverdam that offers stunning views year round (particularly gorgeous in the fall) with running and hiking paths around the lake. The Country Club of Asheville is also located nearby to Beaverdam, which might leave you wondering “Well how rural can it be if the country club is right there?” the answer is...just the right amount!

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Grove Park:

The historic Grove Park Inn was built in one year, in 1913. Within Grove Park Inn visitors can still enjoy its restaurants, bars, day spas and more. Surrounding the inn is the community of Grove Park. Grove Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in North Asheville, and is subsequently the most expensive neighborhood in all of Asheville.

Many of the lots are expansive, so along with big homes, prospective buyers can find plenty of room to accompany their dream house. The median home price in Grove Park is $850,000. It’s fairly common for homes in Grove Park to sell for a million dollars or more. This definitely isn’t an easy neighborhood to break into, but for those looking for peace and quiet with a beautiful backdrop, Grove Park can’t be beat.


Looking to move to North Asheville, North Carolina?

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If you have heard that the northern end of Asheville is peaceful, beautiful, and historic, you might have found yourself considering where to live in North Asheville. From countryside, to historic

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