Is Asheville Dangerous?

Dated: May 9 2022

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Is Asheville, North Carolina, a safe place to live? Safety can certainly be a relative term, so let’s look at three of the biggest potential dangers living in any area, and see how well Asheville does on a scale of “totally safe” to “Run for the hills!”

How dangerous is Asheville?

Wildlife in Asheville:

When it comes to exoskeletal pests and dangers, most of the insects in Asheville are more annoying than they are dangerous. Some of them can definitely harm you, but keeping your distance can go a long way (no pun intended!)

Yellow jackets, wasps, and bees are all over the area and are especially active during the warm months. If, like many arachnophobes, you’d rather not see spiders, Asheville may not be the place for you, because there are plenty.  Spiders can be found all around Asheville, but very few of them are poisonous. While the Black Widow is native to the area, her distinct red hourglass markings make her easy to spot and avoid. Every home has spiders as well. This isn’t a sign of a dirty home; in fact, it means the spider is eating other insects residing in your home!

Even if you don’t live in a wooded area, you will likely see snakes in Asheville. There are venomous varieties in the area, but they don’t represent most of the snake population. Rattlesnakes can sometimes be seen, but usually announce their presence with their signature rattle and coil behavior.

Coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and even hawks are all animals you want to keep your pets away from, and they all can be found in Asheville. Keep small dogs on a leash on walks, and don’t let them run around too long unattended outside. You would be shocked how big of an animal a hawk can fly off with!

Perhaps the most well known “dangerous” animal in Asheville is the black bear. These four legged mammals have been calling the area home far longer than we have, but still we seem to think they shouldn’t be living here anymore because we do now. Fortunately, we can share the space, but the bears need to be given just that.

Black bears are the least aggressive bear species. Still, everyone has a limit, bears included. Do not attempt to feed the bears, get close to them, or touch them. A sow with cubs can quickly decide you are trying to harm her offspring when you might have just been attempting to get a quick selfie with yourself and your new neighbors. The best thing you can do for both yourself and the bears is to keep a safe distance.

All in all, these animals are fairly benign. There are places in the country where grizzly bears and mountain lions regularly roam yards, parking lots, and playgrounds…those are animals that have been known to hurt people. Nothing in Asheville (even a bear) is likely to do that. If anything, it can be an exciting experience to observe wildlife in your own backyard. Just keep your pets close, give the critters some space, and try not to leave your garbage out.

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Climate and Weather in Asheville:

Luckily for Asheville residents, there is very little threat of natural disaster or severe weather in Asheville. Densely wooded areas are safe from wildfires for the most part because unlike many western states, Asheville is provided with ample rain throughout the year to keep the foliage from becoming too parched. Asheville is not coastal, so hurricanes pose little threat. The area does experience rain from coastal storms which can cause flooding. Because winters are so mild in Asheville, you will likely never be snowed in or experience power outages from snow and ice storms. Overall, Asheville is relatively safe from natural disasters.

Once or twice a year parts of Asheville will flood from excessive rainfall. While it’s the most detrimental to those who live at the base of a hill or valley, the entire town will still need to be cautious. Roads can flood, and the actual water depth can be very difficult to judge. Never attempt to drive through a flooded area thinking it doesn’t look very deep. Even if it isn’t, exposure to water could still kill your engine, putting you in an even worse situation than being unable to cross the road.

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Asheville Crime Rate:

Crime does not have a zip code. Acts of theft or violence can happen anywhere, at any time, for a variety of reasons. This makes it difficult to answer a question regarding the safety of an area. The best thing you can do if you’re curious about the crime in Asheville is to do your research. You may be able to find crowdsourced opinions, or data based on break-ins, vandalism, etc. Just take this advice with a grain of salt, and always make sure you get more than one opinion about the safety of an area if you plan to move there.

Unfortunately, both violent and nonviolent crime rates have gone up in Asheville in recent years. A myriad of factors can contribute to this uptick in crime, and both the financial and mental state of a country reeling from a pandemic is certainly a big one. Following a few common sense rules such as locking doors at all times, not leaving easily stolen property outdoors, and avoiding being out after dark, can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a violent or nonviolent crime.

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How did Asheville score in safety?

Though no area is completely safe, all things considered, Asheville is a pretty safe place to be. No matter where you live, always be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid putting yourself in harm’s way if at all possible. Asheville is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family, and best of all…it’s pretty darn safe!


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