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Dated: May 10 2022

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East Asheville, North Carolina, has everything to offer if you are looking for the peace of the mountains and everything you could want or need close by. Some of the best Asheville neighborhoods fly under the radar, so you might not even be familiar with this part of town. Whether you are interested in the many retail establishments of East Asheville, or its more organic setting nestled in the trees, there is something in East Asheville for almost anyone.

Living in East Asheville

Tranquility and wide open spaces

If you are thinking of moving to Asheville to enjoy life at a slower pace and have a bit more elbow room, East Asheville could be a great fit for you. This part of town absolutely embraces a calm lifestyle. There isn’t much live entertainment or nightlife in East Asheville, which is for many a draw to the area. Others may feel there isn’t enough going on in East Asheville, and prefer the vibrant pulse of more populated and urban parts of town.

Though East Asheville may trade its city amenities for space, depending on where you live in East Asheville, you could still be as close to fifteen minutes from downtown. If you really want to live in a place with a bigger yard, bigger homes, and more nature, it might be worth it to you to drive into town only when the mood strikes.

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East Asheville has all the chains you know and love

East Asheville is much more commercial than other parts of town. While West Asheville prides itself on its funky, unique, one-of-a-kind vibe, East Asheville is just the opposite. This doesn’t mean West Asheville is boring or bland; it just embodies an atmosphere that more resembles that “everytown” feeling. You will see chain restaurants and retailers, well known drug stores, and plenty of shopping centers. Because of this plethora of large businesses, living in East Asheville gives residents the advantage of having everything they could possibly need close at hand.

This also makes East Asheville a good place for people who may be relocating from other areas, especially the Midwest, and would like to live in a place with stores and restaurants they recognize, and who are used to having a lot of space.


Traffic and transportation

East Asheville has the lightest traffic density in all of Asheville. This is mostly due to its sprawling nature, lack of entertainment, and the Blue Ridge Parkway providing ample infrastructure to meet any traffic demands. Speaking of cars, if you want to live in East Asheville, you will need one. In general, Asheville public transportation isn’t the greatest, but some parts of town are more walkable than others.

West Asheville, for instance, is known for its walkability. Even though great amenities are very close in East Asheville, you won’t be able to walk to them and there are few bus systems operating in the area. The good news is, parking in East Asheville is ample, and if you live there you likely have a home with a garage or driveway so you don’t have to worry about city parking at night.


Home prices in East Asheville

If you want to buy a home in East Asheville, it won’t necessarily be cheap. Cost of Living has increased in Asheville over the past few years, and the housing market inflation during the pandemic has certainly affected East Asheville. The median sale price is usually somewhere in the lower $400,000’s, and for the most part it goes up from there. This isn’t to say you can’t find something cheaper, but it will likely be small, older, and more out of date.

If you are really shooting low budget, you could probably find something for about $250,000, but that is likely going to buy only a condo or mobile home. This being said, you will still get more in East Asheville than you would in some of the most popular parts of town. There are much more affordable neighborhoods in Buncombe County but many of them lack the amenities of East Asheville. If you are going to pay top dollar anyway, might as well get a big house with a yard and plenty of storage!

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East Asheville School systems

A few school systems serve the East Asheville area, all of which are excellent. Depending on your location your children might attend the Asheville City School System, or Buncombe County School System. As with the amenities in East Asheville, you should think about schools before you fall in love with any particular area.

Some neighborhoods are particularly far from the schools in East Asheville. A commute might not be a huge deal to you if you really love the school and your residential location. It can always be helpful to ask around and find out what other parents and their children think of the schools in the area to decide which school might be a good fit for you.


Can we meet in the middle?

If you love the idea of East Asheville but you just can’t commit fully to its laid-back lifestyle, there are a couple of neighborhoods that could be a great middle ground for you. Perhaps you think the tranquility of having the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains all to yourself sounds more like desolate isolation than sanctuary. Location is everything in East Asheville, and some neighborhoods are much closer to the action than others. Kenilworth and Oakley are both located between East Asheville and South Asheville, with easy access to both areas.

If you want the option for a bit more entertainment and nightlife, but don’t want to live the city life, either of these neighborhoods are a great choice!

Looking to move to East Asheville?

Are you thinking of moving to Asheville? If you want to know more about East Asheville, or any other part of town, reach out to me at Nesting Doll Realty. I love helping people discover Asheville and find their perfect home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 



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