Top things to do in Asheville NC

Dated: August 11 2022

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What are the best things to do in Asheville, North Carolina? Perhaps you are visiting for an entire week, or only have a few days to cram in as much fun and adventure as possible. No matter how much time you have to spend in the blue ridge mountains, there’s something for everyone. There is so much to do and see, in fact, that we’ve narrowed it down to a few must-do activities on your visit to Asheville.


Top Things to do in Asheville

Visit Biltmore

Come on, you didn’t think a list of top things to do in Asheville wasn’t going to have Biltmore on it, did you?! Visiting The Biltmore while here is one of the top (if not most popular) things to do in Asheville. Even if you can only swing by for a couple of hours, seeing the Biltmore Estate is a must during your time in Asheville.

The Biltmore Manor is incredible in itself, but there is much more to the sprawling acreage of the Biltmore Estate than just this historic home. Gardens, dining, wine tasting, horseback riding, and an array of tours can all be enjoyed at Biltmore depending on how much time you have and how much walking you want to do.

Remember, this is one of the most popular attractions in all of North Carolina, so get there early to avoid crowds.


Experience Asheville’s scenic waterway on the French Broad River

The French Broad River carves right past some of Asheville’s most scenic attractions. Throughout the year (especially during the hot summer months) the river is dotted with colorful kayaks and tubes as people paddle and float down this lazy river. Keep your eyes peeled as you float along, you might see somebody catch a fish!

The French Broad River is mellow and smooth, so you needn’t fear any rapids. If some churning water is more your speed, there are plenty of Class II-V rapids to be found in the many nearby tributaries.

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Enjoy a craft beer

Asheville didn’t earn its title of Beer City, USA, by hosting a few little bars here and there. This city takes its beer seriously! There are over 50 breweries and taprooms throughout Asheville, each offering their own take on the local flavor. Some spots are more famous than others, but you never know where you will find your new favorite brew

Whether you like sours, or stouts, or you really just come for the patio-drinking atmosphere, drinking your way across Asheville is the perfect way to take in this laid-back little mountain town.


Enjoy the foodie scene

The taps are flowing in Asheville, but we can’t just drink our dinner, right? Asheville has been rated the number one culinary destination in America by Travel and Leisure. The foodie scene is Asheville brings an eclectic menu offering as unique as the city itself. Farm to table dining is particularly popular in Asheville, but you can find plenty of white tablecloths as well. And the local Farmers Markets offer locally sourced fare for visitors and residents alike to support Asheville farmers and enjoy farm to table freshness. There is truly something for everyone, and if you can’t narrow down the options, take a food tour and try a little bit of everything!

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Cruise on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains without ever leaving the comfort of your car? The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of highway stretching throughout the mountains and valleys of this Appalachian wonderland. When you take a joy ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, even a simple drive turns into a feast for the senses.

Along the highway you’ll encounter plenty of vista points to hop out and take in the views while you stretch your legs. The drive is particularly beautiful when the wildflowers are blooming in the early spring, and when the leaves are changing in the fall.


Catch a concert or festival

The weather in Asheville is pleasant most of the year, making it the perfect host for festivals and outdoor entertainment. Music festivals frequent Asheville’s venue sites and even streets from time to time. Throughout the year, you can catch festivals celebrating food and wine, beer, folk music, dancing, and even the work of Charles Dickens.


Hiking/outdoor stuff

When it comes to finding things to do in Asheville there are plenty of outdoor activities. Asheville is the outdoor lover’s paradise. Hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, even chasing some waterfalls…the list goes on and on. The summers in Asheville aren’t usually too hot, and the winters are relatively mild, so you can enjoy the great outdoors in Asheville almost all year long. If you want to take in the Blue Ridge Mountains from the top of the world (or, at least, the top of the tallest mountain in the Appalachians) the hike to the top of Mt. Mitchell is a must.  

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Enjoy local art

If you walk or drive around Asheville long enough, you’ll no doubt encounter a sign, t-shirt, or bumper sticker declaring “Keep Asheville Weird.” Weird, in Asheville, is a good thing!

Asheville has become one of the nation’s premiere art communities, and the eclectic mixture of art mediums seen around the city is ever changing. Part of downtown Asheville has been relegated as an arts district, and throughout town you’ll see murals and sculptures crafted by local artists. There is nothing cookie-cutter about this little quirky town, and the locals love it that way.

Do a foliage or bloom tour

Do you love taking in the natural beauty of the changing seasons? These transitional times of the year are particularly spectacular if you happen to catch them in Asheville. During the spring, the gardens of the Biltmore Estate host Biltmore Blooms as the flora springs to life with verdant blooms. If you want to get up close and personal with the amber hues of the fall, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer a show that’s hard to beat. Due to the elevation changes throughout the mountains and valleys, Asheville experiences one of the longest “leaf seasons” in the U.S.

Looking to call Asheville home?

Asheville, NC, is a great place to visit and an even better place to call home. If you’re thinking of moving to Asheville, reach out to me at Nesting Doll Realty and let me answer any questions you have about living in Asheville.

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Top things to do in Asheville NC

What are the best things to do in Asheville, North Carolina? Perhaps you are visiting for an entire week, or only have a few days to cram in as much fun and adventure as possible. No matter how much

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