Living in Asheville vs Charlotte

Dated: August 25 2022

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Are you considering moving to Asheville, NC? Or, perhaps you think Charlotte, NC, sounds like it might be a good fit for you? Before you pack up the U-Haul, take a look at two of North Carolina’s most popular cities and compare notes. It just might help you narrow down your search! 


Living in Asheville vs Living in Charlotte North Carolina


The Job Markets:

If you happen to have a career that will never be work-from-home (Looking at you, dentists and zookeepers) securing a job in your new city is paramount. The job market in Asheville is unfortunately known for being a bit tricky when it comes to finding employment; there just aren’t enough jobs for all of the people who want to live in Asheville. If you happen to work in healthcare, Asheville has a great deal of hospitals and clinics, so you’ll probably have better luck than those in other professions, but it’s still tough to find a job in Asheville.

Charlotte offers more job opportunities than Asheville primarily due to its size. Charlotte has a population of almost a million people, and Asheville doesn’t even have 100,000. Because Charlotte is larger, the city itself is more sprawling, and this offers more opportunities for employment at any of these establishments. Not only is it easier to find a job in Charlotte, but it will likely have a higher paying salary than the same job in Asheville.

If you work from home and know that finding employment isn’t an issue, it’s still worth considering that if you should (for any reason) find yourself no longer with your current employer, it won’t necessarily be easy to find a new job in Asheville. 

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Cost of Living in Asheville vs Charlotte:

Across the board, when you look at daily expenses, the cost of living in Charlotte is just above that in Asheville. But this number can be deceiving because the day-to-day expenses we incur are not usually our most expensive purchases throughout the year. Housing, for example, is significantly more expensive in Asheville than in Charlotte. If you had to spend a hundred thousand dollars more on your home, the money you save on groceries really pales in comparison.

The income in Charlotte is also higher than the income in Asheville. With more expensive housing and lower paying jobs, it can be harder to get ahead in Asheville. If you happen to work remotely, you will likely have a higher salary than if you worked in town, so this could prove beneficial as you live with Ashville prices but make better than Asheville wages.

Even though the deck seems stacked against you if you decide to live in Asheville the city is constantly growing. There is certainly more to life than how you make and spend your money, and for many, living in Asheville is worth that trade off.  

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Recreational Activities between these two cities:

When it comes to things to do, both Asheville and Charlotte have plenty to offer, but they offer different things. If you love to get outdoors and camp or hike, Asheville and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to adventure. There are still plenty of parks and nature-rich areas near Charlotte, but you will have to drive a greater distance due to the urban density of the Charlotte area and its suburbs.

If you are interested in dining and entertainment, both cities are great. Asheville is a well-known craft beer city, and there are plenty of unique little artisanal shops and restaurants in town to please most palates. In Charlotte, however, you will have more options. Charlotte is just a bigger city, so there is more to see and do…and eat! You’ll also notice more chain restaurants and stores in Charlotte, which is for some more appealing than vegan fare and craft brews. If you do happen to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, Asheville is a great place to live that offers plenty of plant-based options. 


What is the ‘City vibe’?:

The “feeling” of Asheville and Charlotte is perhaps the greatest difference when comparing these two North Carolina cities. Asheville is a charming, eclectic, small town in the mountains. Charlotte is one of the biggest cities in the entire state and is replete with urban sprawl.

If you enjoy folk music, local art, and craft breweries, you’ll be surrounded by that living in Asheville. If you want to live in a big city where you can find anything and everything, have easy access to an international airport for travel, and can really see your paycheck go a long way, Charlotte may be a better fit.

From a political perspective, both of these cities are relatively liberal (as most large cities are) but Charlotte leans much farther toward the traditional conservative belief system synonymous with the American southeast. Asheville, on the other hand, is just about the bluest city in said southeast. Asheville is also noticeably more diverse than Charlotte, so if raising a family around people of various cultures and walks of life is important to you, Asheville will present far more opportunity in that regard. 

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Recap of the differences between Asheville and Charlotte

In a nutshell, Asheville is smaller, more expensive, has a higher cost of living, and offers fewer amenities than Charlotte. While this sounds like Asheville ends up on the losing end of just about every category on our list, on the contrary, many people love living there so much that they are content with all the above.

Asheville is a unique, diverse, and beautiful little gem nestled in the mountains. For the artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and musicians who call it home, Asheville is just right.  Both Asheville and Charlotte are great places to live that offer a high quality of life. At the end of the day, the right choice for you really depends on your own particular interests and lifestyle. 

Ready to be a homeowner in Asheville?

Are you thinking of moving to Asheville, North Carolina? If so, reach out to me at Nesting Doll Realty, I would love to answer any questions and help you find your perfect home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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