Pros and Cons of Tiny Homes in Asheville North Carolina

Dated: September 20 2022

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Are you thinking of living in a tiny home in Asheville, North Carolina? The tiny home movement has swept the nation, and as these petite dwellings pop up throughout the most beautiful places in the United States, Asheville is unsurprisingly one of them. The Blue Ridge Mountains have long called to those with an adventuresome heart, and many modern homesteaders are ready to set off into the great wide open. But this time, not in a log cabin, but a tiny home!



Pros and cons of living in a tiny home in Asheville


Tiny Home Living Pro #1 - A tiny home costs much less than a traditional home to build

Let’s open with perhaps the loudest siren song of the tiny home movement; it’s cheap! Ok, maybe not cheap, but we are looking at nickels and dimes here if we’re comparing the cost of a tiny home to the cost of a traditional home.

Just the decreased square footage in itself means you will be buying less of everything when you are building your home. Add to that the fact that tiny homes often lack many of the big money items of a home such as central heat or a laundry room, and you could truly build a tiny home for about $25,000 if you wanted to go barebones. If you happen to have the handy skills to do much or all of the construction yourself, you can save even more money.

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Tiny Home Living Con #1 - It can be very hard to finance a tiny home

While tiny home construction comes at a fraction of the price of traditional home construction, you almost need to have the money in cash if you are ready to start building. It is extremely difficult to get a mortgage on a tiny home; it’s hard to get a mortgage on anything less expensive than $100,000. This is assuming you even could find a lender, because many don’t consider tiny homes to actually be homes.

There are plenty of rules and regulations surrounding this, for instance, usually a residence on wheels is considered a recreational vehicle, not a home. Even trying for a regular loan will be difficult to do if the money is intended to fund a tiny home. Because tiny homes do not scale equity like traditional homes, it can be hard for a bank to consider your cause a safe investment.


Tiny Home Living Pro #2 - Tiny homes are an attainable way for people to become homeowners

The tiny home life isn’t for everybody, and we know that. While they are perfect for some, they are probably not the fit for big Italian families, or people who really love their stuff (hey, it’s not hoarding, I need all these things!) But for some people, tiny homes are exactly the right fit for their lifestyle and budget, and might just be the only way they can have a home they own.

The housing market has been a steep seller’s market in recent years. With home sales being as competitive as they are, many people just cannot compete. Especially in particularly expensive states, such as those on the west coast, many Americans cannot afford to buy a home. While you might like to have more space, if your options were “Own a tiny home, or don’t be a homeowner” which would you pick?

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Tiny Home Living Con #2 - Getting land can be just as pricey with or without a home on it.

If you are one of those people to be lucky enough to already have a place to park it, count yourself one of the lucky few! Finding the land to build your tiny dream home on can really be a headache. Worst of all, often the lots are just as expensive without a home on them as the ones that do have homes on them! How does that math work out?!

Even if you can find a spot you love that fits your budget, be very wary of the local zoning, because there is a lot of red tape around what can and can’t be built on a piece of land. Many lots have minimum size requirements for homes, and some others will not allow residence in buildings that are deemed to be sheds or barns. It would seem to a potential land buyer that what you do with your own little piece of heaven is your own business, but this is unfortunately not the case.


Tiny Home Living Pro #3 - Tiny homes are more efficient, creating fewer emissions and offering lower utility bills

If the home is smaller, it’s easier to heat and cool! With ultra-efficient insulation, windows, and floors, many tiny homes do a really good job of keeping the heat or cool in, depending on the time of the year. Many of these homes are also easily adaptable to an entirely solar energy source. If you can get by with just solar energy to keep your little abode heated, cooled, and lit, think of how much you would save on traditional utility bills! Of course, installation often comes with a hefty price tag, but once you are up and running, you will be paying very little to enjoy the basic home comforts that for most people are rather costly.

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Tiny Home Living Con #3 - Tiny homes create fewer emissions, but encourage a lifestyle of higher consumerism

This is something you might not think about until you are actually living the tiny home life, but without the luxury of space, we are forced to live a “consume now” lifestyle. Everything you buy from toiletries to cleaning supplies to toilet paper must all be bought in smaller quantities.

We all know buying in bulk saves money, but it also reduces container production, individual wrapping, and single-use-plastics. When you don’t have the room to store larger containers, you have to buy what you can use right now. Even food can often only be bought in small quantities due to small refrigerators. This means tiny-home dwellers often get prepackaged meals or carry-out, both of which create a lot of waste.


Tiny Home Living Pro #4 - Tiny home living can provide the lifestyle of your dreams

If you have dreams of calling the world your backyard, you could make that a reality if you lived in a tiny home! Of course, not all tiny homes are the same. Some are one wheels, designed to be mobile, offering a nomadic lifestyle. Some are more stationary and offer the residents a chance to really settle into their little homestead.

Whatever the reason for desiring this micro-living lifestyle, you can customize your tiny home to create the environment you are looking for. Whether you are looking to live on four wheels, or just want to live a “life of less” reconnecting with family and your loved ones and opening up funds and time for what really matters to you, you can really make your life your own with a tiny home. For many, this “less” is really so much more.

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Tiny Home Living Con #3 - Tiny home living isn’t suitable for everyone

We mentioned previously how the lack of space makes living in a tiny home a nonviable option for some people, but there is more than just lack of room that makes tiny house living tough sometimes. As much as you love the idea of it, you might not love the reality of it. Tiny homes provide very little privacy which means it can be easy to be around each other too much. While you envisioned living in cozy bliss with your partner, you might actually both be lashing out over who’s turn it is to empty the toilet tank.

Tiny home living also tends to work the best when it is not intended to be long term. It can be great for young couples, retired couples, or older singles, but a tiny home is just not a great place to raise a family. It might be good for a few years, but it would be hard to spend two decades with multiple children in a home the size of a shed.


Where can I find a tiny home in Asheville, North Carolina?

Whether you want to build your own or work with a builder, live alone or in a community, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right tiny home for you in Asheville, NC. One of the best places to start is to reach out to local tiny home communities and see what sounds like a good fit for you. If you are looking for a builder in Asheville with experience in tiny home code and regulations, Facebook groups and other social media can be a great place for referrals, and best yet you can reach out to me!  

If living in Asheville (in a tiny home or a big one!) is a dream of yours, reach out to me at Nesting Doll Realty and let’s make that dream a reality.

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