Moving to Asheville? Top 5 Things to Consider

Dated: February 1 2024

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You’ve visited Asheville, North Carolina, and loved it. Now you really, really want to live here. Great!  Many people have found themselves drawn to this fun mountain town.

This is your chance to pause and think before you act. What is so special about Asheville compared to similar-sized cities across the country? Nesting Dolls Realty is ready to share our list of the top five things to consider before you make a big move to Asheville.

4 Mild Seasons

If you’re looking for a city with all four seasons, this is the place to be! We have mild Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Asheville doesn’t get much snow, maybe 1 to 2 inches; however, if you drive to higher elevations, you’ll find copious amounts of wintry snow. Summers are super mild in temperature and humidity. Spring and Fall can bring lots of rain, but we are technically in a rainforest. It pays off, though, in the form of lush green Summers and gorgeous color displays of Fall leaves.  

Food and Beverage Scene

Asheville holds the nickname Beer City USA for a reason. There are dozens of breweries in the city and throughout Western North Carolina.  We are also up-and-coming in the wine industry. Most vineyards are located south of Asheville, but their wines are distributed throughout the region. Biltmore Estate’s vineyard is perhaps the most famous within Asheville’s city limits. It should be noted that we’re also seeing more tasty non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages added to menus around town.

Shout-out to Asheville's local restaurants! We love our food and support local restaurants and farmers. Whether you’re looking for James Beard Award recipients, the best Southern diners, or cultural and foreign delicacies, this town has something tasty for every palate.

Dining in downtown Asheville.

Nature and the Outdoors

If you live in Asheville, you will always be close to nature. Just step outside and admire the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachia. You can also hike or bike in the woods or fish and kayak in the many rivers throughout Western NC, most notably the French Broad River.

It should be noted that nature will come to you whether you want to be around it. Raccoons, deer, and bears are just some of the critters you’ll encounter wandering through neighborhoods. Bears have even been spotted walking around downtown. Be bear aware. Do not approach wildlife. Keep your distance. And don’t feed animals. It only encourages them to return, and they’ll become too reliant on humans for food.

Culture and Vibe

Asheville, NC, is an art town. Music is huge here, with musicians playing at venues, breweries, auditoriums, and even on the streets. Art galleries can be found everywhere, especially in the River Arts District. Many people in the city embrace yoga and holistic medicine, which adds to our unique culture. People living in Asheville tend to be from other places around the country and world, making this a wonderful melting pot!

As incredible as this all sounds, Asheville is by no means perfect. We do have a homelessness problem. This is due to several factors, including, but not limited to, housing and addiction issues. While everyone is welcome in Asheville, being able to survive here and maintain a stable life can be difficult for some.

Cost of Living

And that leads us to the insane cost of living. Inflation is an issue throughout the country; however, there are few high-paying jobs in Asheville and insufficient affordable housing. The tourism industry provides many jobs via the service industry. With rising housing prices for renters and homeowners alike, it can be difficult to afford a spot within the city.

More people are moving here for remote jobs. If that’s your goal, do your research before you buy or rent. Internet access in the mountains can be as simple as choosing one side of a mountain over another.

Pack Square and Patton Avenue

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