5 Things to Look for When Moving to Asheville NC

Dated: February 8 2024

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Many people have expectations and ideas when visiting a new area. In this video, Elena breaks down five things people look for when moving to Asheville (and what they really should be asking themselves).

Downtown Asheville

1. Proximity to Downtown – Downtown Asheville has so much to offer, including shopping, restaurants, breweries, museums, and galleries. These are all excellent reasons to visit downtown, but how often do you anticipate spending time there? Unless you work in the service industry, you probably won’t be downtown daily. Ask yourself what amenities you need. For many people, grocery stores, gas stations, schools, and offices are at the top of the list. 

2. Space and Privacy – A misconception is that acreage equals privacy. Buyers look for acreage to keep a buffering zone between homes. This makes sense if you are living in a cramped neighborhood. It does not, however, always apply to Asheville mountain homes where privacy can be built in. Your house can sit further up a mountain, on the opposite side of a hill, or in a wooded area. All these natural aspects can provide you with the privacy you seek without the extra price and maintenance of additional acreage.  

3. Sidewalk-Friendly Neighborhoods — Sidewalks are not always found in neighborhoods around Asheville. Some people require them to move around their neighborhood safely and without a vehicle. It’s important to consider whether sidewalks are present or if the street/side of the road can easily be traversed. Is public transportation available to nearby amenities, or is a vehicle required? 

4. School Districts – You might need to be within range of a school district, and if that is the case, where you choose to settle can make the difference between a community or county school. There are a few different things that you might want to take into consideration, including curriculum, distance, and transportation.  

5. Views – Asheville newcomers often anticipate long-range mountain views or rolling hills. Finding a property with those requirements can prove challenging. Even the most expensive homes in Asheville are likely to include some obstructed views. Building a house in NC is just as challenging due to the wooded and uneven terrain. Consider scoping out the area to see what viewing options are accessible from neighborhoods. Explore the views rather than search for the perfect view at home.

Mountain Views

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