Biltmore Forest: The Neighbor of America's Largest Home

Dated: May 24 2024

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It’s well-known that anything that includes the name Biltmore is typically upscale. Biltmore Forest is no exception.  Biltmore Forest is located on the southern side of the Biltmore Estate. The land originally belonged to George Vanderbilt. Eventually, it was sold and subdivided into large lots for residential use. 

Biltmore Forest

Stats for Biltmore Forest prove it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in western North Carolina. The median sales price in 2023 was $1.8 million. Quaint and established, the neighborhood has many large historic homes with a smattering of more affordable, newer houses. Some smaller homes are available for under $1 million, though they might be older and need renovations.

Technically, Biltmore Forest is a small town. While no HOA exists, residents pay city, county, and Biltmore Forest’s taxes. The town maintains a private police force, utilities, trash services, and the Biltmore Forest Country Club. The median sales price in 2023 was $1.8 million. The neighborhood is adjacent to Hendersonville Road (Highway 25), which features many local schools, two hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. 

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