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5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Land in Asheville

Buyers have different reasons for purchasing land as opposed to buildings. Because inventory is currently low, many folks think buying is a great idea, but there are better routes. Here are five

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Small Towns South of Asheville NC

Sometimes you want to live away from the big city. Not that Asheville is a very big city, but with a population close to 100,000, it is the largest city in western North Carolina. If that's too many

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Sustainable Living: Olivette Community in Asheville, NC

Olivette is a one-of-a-kind community located just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. It offers a unique opportunity to live in an agrihood, a neighborhood centered around a working farm. Many

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Asheville's Hidden Gems: Unveiling Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

Asheville's charm is undeniable, but finding your dream home can be challenging with limited inventory and fierce competition. If you absolutely don’t need to live in the city, we have some

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